About glEX Consulting

We are an enthusiastic and diverse team of designers, engineers and architects who are trying to put a dent in the global design and construction space. We take care of all your monotonous and repetitive work so that you can freely concentrate on creating a difference in your business activities and expand rapidly.





  • We would like to empower the culture of Digital Nomads in the AEC Industry through working from India and hence saving a lot of expenses and liabilities of our clients based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.

    - Our Vision -


We can help you not only to improve your Quality, but also Time, Cost and Added advantages.That is why if you are an Architect, Engineer or a Construction Firm, you should definitely see a bright future by partnering with us.


Upgraded project efficiency and accuracy

Identification and rectification of potential conflict in the project

Diverse field expertise for all aspects of studio work


Quick response to design updates

Faster decision making by accelerating studio works’ submission

Less work load during peak hours and meeting important deadlines


Highly cost efficient by removing overheads

Better utilization of offshore workforce to save extra expenses on human resource

Lesser infrastructure required for performing all tasks


Better prospects of scaling up in your territory

International knowledge sharing for best practices

More time to spend with customers resulting in their satisfaction

Glex Advantage


Countries covered

Global Customers

% Client retention

professionals putting their hearts


We will sign a non-disclosure agreement starting with the first project

We will understand you, your work and culture

We will gain knowledge about your standards, conventions and preferred linguistics

We will start small with you but expand fast. We will mutually workout timeline of every project, submission deadlines and payment period

Now as we have become your offshore partner, you can anytime contact us for updates and we will keep you posted

On completion of a project, we will ask your permission to show it on our website as our portfolio work


  • Diverse team of skilled professionals.

    - 1 -
  • 24×7 Work share.

    - 2 -
  • Seamless Communication.

    - 3 -
  • Latest state-of-art infrastructure and techniques.

    - 4 -


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Frequently Asked Questions

When should we outsource our works to Glex ?
You should oursource your works when you think:

  1. Your team spends nearly 80% time on routine labor intensive works.
  2. You are turning down new projects and challenges due to lack of time thus limiting yourself.
  3. Of tough cost pressure from your competitors.
  4. You do not have enough budget to perform all tasks in house.
  5. You do not want to train your staff with a particular skill set or a software just because of an immediate need.
  6. Your team needs extra skill to fulfill a specific task.
  7. You are client oriented, want to invest your time only in creative tasks and to increase profitability by undertaking more projects.

We can very well become your firm’s right hand so that you only have to care about creating breakthrough design ideas, enhancing your client relationships and managing contracts.

How do we communicate with the Glex Offshore team on any project ?
It can be easily performed with regular Video and Audio calls, project sharing through various software and mailing. In future, we are going to implement Autodesk Buzzsaw and Aconex too. We will dedicate a particular team who will be connected to your team on every project comprising of a project lead, designers/engineers and draftsmen.

How do we manage if we are working from different continent having different standards and linguistics ?
We give utmost importance to your regional standards and linguistics while working with you. We have got staff having proficiency in almost any major language who will act as a translator between you and our technical team. We will study your format of designing and drafting initially. Then our drafting team will follow your standards and conventions to deliver everything with full satisfaction of yours. We are also flexible with all time zones and incorporate all markups/corrections on time.
Why outsourcing business processes in India is the best choice for global companies ?
India is a developing economy which is becoming stronger with time. With a heavy talent pool and young population, many global challenging tasks are being taken by the population in a sportive way. Research surveys have proved time and again that India is the most preferred outsourcing location among global companies. In the United States alone, more than 90% have ranked India as their first choice for outsourcing IT and software services. Over the years, the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom have recognized the country of India as an outsourcing superpower. In addition to that,

  1. The labor is very inexpensive (about 5-10 times) compared to other destinations in the world.
  2. Skilled manpower for high quality CAD drafting, conversion, engineering etc. provided in a timely and professional manner.
  3. Architects use latest software and techniques to provide high quality drawings, 3D models, renders, BIM etc.
  4. Excellent command over English. Proficient in learning any language.
  5. If a company can get access to 24/7 services, it can be sure to complete work much ahead of deadlines and take on more projects. Since the Indian time zone is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT and 10.5 hours ahead of the EST, companies can take on more work. 
How pricing mechanism works out for Glex Consulting ?

Because of the diverse needs associated with Glex services, we provide a range of different price points.

Based on every client’s requirement, we dedicate a team of professionals having specified assignments per client in Design Consultancy, CAD Conversion, 2D Drafting, 3D Modelling, Walk-through, 3D Printing, BIM, MEP Consultancy, Structural Consultancy etc. till the completion period of the project. Our pricing is based on monthly equivalent options of every employee we dedicate to your firm based on your needs.

Based on the job, we decide the skill set and quality required to accomplish the same.

For the clients working in non-English standards & conventions, we have a different pricing.

Are there any offline services that we can expect from Glex team ?
We believe in creating a strong relationship with our clients. Hence we also cater you offline by creating a complete Construction Document briefcase specific to a project. We print all the drawings and specification including addendum, shop drawings, overlapping transparent plastic sheet drawings, details, sketches, 3D views etc. keeping an extra space for your contract documents to keep as a record.


We send the whole package to you after the documentation phase of the project gets completed, for free, if we work with you on that project from starting to completion of its documentation phase.

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