Because of the diverse needs associated with Glex services, we provide a range of different price points.
Based on every client’s requirement, we dedicate a team of professionals having specified assignments per client in Design Consultancy, CAD Conversion, 2D Drafting, 3D Modelling, Walk-through, 3D Printing, BIM, MEP Consultancy, Structural Consultancy etc. till the completion period of the project. Our pricing is based on specific man hour rates based on the dedicated manpower for a particular client.
Though we do have monthly equivalent options available based on your needs on which we give 5% discount on overall hourly fee of the dedicated team.
Based on the job, we decide the skill set and quality required to accomplish the same. Due to geographical advantage, we begin with our starting initial price as low as $4 per hour which may vary accordingly.
For the clients working in non-English standards & conventions, we have a different pricing.
For every new client, we provide an initial ONE month FREE service starting with basic 2D drafting to get acquainted with them in a better way.